Tag: Ptolemy

  • Pure Hallway

    Pure Hallway

    This Corridor, which is pure and leads around all this, is within the wall, which is connected with the Pylon. It is 113 cubits long and 90 cubits wide, up to the small doors that are located in it on the right and left sides of the Pronaos. There are four doors in it. Details…

  • Offerings Forecourt

    Offerings Forecourt

    This perfect place, the Nome of Horus-Ra, is his horizon on earth, is the House of Appearance of His Majesty, is the Great Throne of His Ka, on which he appears and sets, in the Shrine that Protects Khepri of the quickly born child, is the place at which His body has been nourished since…

  • Connecting Room

    Connecting Room

    Moreover, there is a door of the Connecting Room, south of it, opening on the Corridor just as on the western side. This room has the perfect dimensions of 7 (cubits) by 4 an contains all rituals for the presentation of the food offerings. – The Great Building Inscription of the edfu Temple Translated by…