Reconstruction of the Temple of Horus at Edfu

Reconstructed gateway of the Edfu temple

This perfect place, the Nome of ra Hr (Horus-Ra, Edfu), is His horizon on earth, is the House of Appearance of His Majesty (Horus of Edfu), is the Great Throne of his kA spirit, on which he appears in morning and sets in evening, is the Shrine that Protects xpr (Khepri) of the quickly born child, is the place at which his body has been nourished since the sp tpy – First Time, is the Dryt – chamber of the Dryt – falcon, is the Ruler’s House of the ruler, is the tomb of the falcon with the Dappled Plumage, is the Great Place of the greatest of the nTrw hieroglyphs nTrw – deities, is the House of the Strong One of Hr (Horus), the strong bull, is the Palace of the Revenger (Horus), who drives the hot-headed (enemies) from the land, is the Place of Stabbing of the one who stabs the iwmsty Serpent (Apophis), is the Horizon of Eternity and Primeval Hill of the horizon deity (Horus), is the Shrine of the divine Winged Disk (apy).

His Majesty (Horus) shines daily, high in the heavens, after he has illuminated the Two Lands (Egypt) with his beauty. When bHdty – Behedty has come down from heaven, he, the Lord of the Natjarw, enters his palace, where he is received with hymns of praise by the psDt (divine Ennead). All those who live in msn (Edfu) rejoice. He sees that mAat is lit up in Edfu as Hwt Hr (Hathor), the Great One and Mistress of Dendara, and that her handsome son, Hr-smA-tAwy (Horus, uniter of the Two Lands) beloved of all, has taken His place beside Her. When He has recognized that perfection flourishes in his temple and that all the cult therein is according to rule, His heart rejoices. After he has become united with his statue, he praises ra because of his beloved city. There is jubilation in heaven and rejoicing on earth. The Banks of Hr (Egypt) are in festive mood and the Throne of Hr (Edfu) is in festive joy.

The House of the Falcon rejoices after ra Hr has united with the Golden One, the Mistress of Dendara, after the king and the queen have come together while their son sits at their side as Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt, these, who are the Enduring Ones of Edfu, the rulers of kmt(Egypt), the kA.w (spirits) of kmt, who keep tAwy alive.

After Hr bHdty (Horus Behdety), the great God and Lord of Heaven, with the Dappled Plumage, who comes forth from the horizon, the nswt-bity Pharaoh hieroglyphs nswt-bity (ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt), has seen the Enclosure wall that surrounds his temple as the horizon surrounds the sun-disk, the superb building of which there is no equal, constructed for him by the nswt-bity Pharaoh hieroglyphs nswt-bity, the heir of Euergetes II (Ptolemy X), he praises His beloved son for his work and gives Him all that is encompassed by his itn (Aten, sun disk) when he has appeared as nswt-bity Pharaoh hieroglyphs nswt-bity on the throne of Hr as the first of the living kA.w, forever.

The magnificent apy revealed Himself in heaven as bHdty, the great God and Lord of Heaven, and made his way to His Nome (Edfu). He found his shrine pleasant and took his place on his throne. He looked at this perfect work, constructed for him by his beloved heir, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt the Heir of Euergetes II, the Son of ra Ptolemy X Alexander I, beloved of Hr bHdty, the Great God and Lord of Heaven, with the Dappled Plumage, who comes forth from heaven as ra Hr Axty (Ra-Horakhty) to his Great Seat. He looked at this perfect and splendid monument in msn, the like of which had never been constructed since the time of the primeval gods, this great wonder without precedent and never there since the time of the gods, this magnificent construction without equal among the temples of kmt

The Great Building Inscription of the Edfu Temple