Place Where Gods Rest Hieroglyphs

Hatap natya Natjrw bw – Place Where Gods Rest

The Place where gods rest is in front of the Sanctuary. Dwelling Place of the Gods and Birth House of the Strong Horus, are its names. It is 23 2/3 by 9 Cubits. The shrines of the gods, who’s beauty is praised, are kept here; the Divine Pasadjat Ennead of Masan Harpoon is depicted on its walls.

About the Place where Gods Rest

This hall is located at the entrance to the Great Seat of Horus. When facing the sanctuary, hallways connecting the chapels have entrances on the right and left side of the sanctuary entrance. When facing away from the sanctuary, the Court of the Food Offerings altar is to the left, while the Par Manw – House of Min is to the right.