Throne room hieroglyphs

BaHadat – Throne Room

The chamber BaHadat is to the left of it (Masanat) and contains the image of the goddess MaHayat (Mehyt) and the Great Ennead, who watch over Osiris. The god Shw is there as north wind, in order to unite himself with Osiris’ nostrils, as it is his duty in the Horizon of Eternity (the tomb), together with Tafanat (Tefnut) as flame in order to burn the enemies of Osiris, as she does in Araq-hah when she is the goddess Manat, the Eye of Ra with the fear-inspiring pupil (and at the same time) the goddess Sakhamat, She who is Powerful, the Mistress of all Sakhamat goddesses.

– The Great Building Inscription of the Edfu Temple Translated by Dieter Kurth

About the BaHadat

The BaHadat, or Throne Room, is decorated with the images of the goddess MaHayat. She is a daughter of Ra, and takes the image of a lion who protected the roads which the dead travelled to the Underworld. The purpose of the BaHadat Room was to protect the temple of Horus by the expiatory offering of incense. On the left side of her sacred barque is a hymn that describes her anger and aggressiveness, and on her right a hymn extolling her as peaceful and beneficence.

The BaHadat Room is also home to the Great Ennead who watch over Osiris, performing various tasks to prevent Him harm and to burn His enemies.

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