Month: March 2021

  • Connecting Room

    Connecting Room

    Moreover, there is a door of the Connecting Room, south of it, opening on the Corridor just as on the western side. This room has the perfect dimensions of 7 (cubits) by 4 an contains all rituals for the presentation of the food offerings. – The Great Building Inscription of the edfu Temple Translated by…

  • Shatjyat – Sanctuary of Sokar

    Shatjyat – Sanctuary of Sokar

    The Shatjyat Sanctuary of Sokar, to the west of it and decorated with the protector gods (see below), is 7 5/6 cubits by 6 2/3 cubits… These are the palaces of Iun (Osiris) in BaHadat (Behdet). His forms have been carved on the walls of the three chambers. The two weeping and mourning women, the…