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Wanwt priesthood hieroglyphs

Wanut Instruction

Words Spoken:

O you Great wabw – Pure Ones, Hry-sSAtw – Over the Secrets, Washers of the nTrw – Gods, all you wpAtw – Openers, who walk before the nTr – God, Xry Hbtw – Lectors of the Temple, all you Judges, Area Managers, Garden chiefs, who do your monthly service in the temple of Hr bHty – Horus of Edfu, Great nTr of Heaven, eight times this temple turns to you, into which Its Majesty set you! Because He moves along in the sky and looks down from there, and He is content over it (your actions) in accordance with mAat.


Do not enter with bad thoughts!

Do not go inside with dirt!

Do not say a lie in His House!

Allow nothing to lack in your behavior therein!

Be not slanderous!

Do not set deliveries firmly for the disadvantage of the small and for the advantage of the great!

Add nothing to the weight stone or to the measuring cord, nor decrease them!

Do not falsify the HqAt – grain measure!

Do not change the portion of the wDAt!

Do not reveal the things which you shall see as secrets of all kinds in the temples!

Do not put the hand out to steal the provisions of the temple!

Do not go far as to take his offerings for yourselves; it will guard you against what the ignorant one says in his

heart, that one lives on the food of the Natjarw, because: One calls food only what comes from the offering

 table to the reversion, if nTr has already satisfied Himself.

For behold: Whether He is in heaven or in the dwAt – netherworld, His eyes are always on your duty, there, where He can still find you!

O you exalted Priests on the dais, Great itf-nTr st wr – Father of the God of the Great Seat, commit no injustice against the younger wabw of your house, as Hr will watch you very closely regarding it. Commit no dirty deeds, do nothing evil and permit no sadness among the men of the land and in your city, because they are before the Eye also, because they come from Him. Hr‘s heart is insulted at injustice, and He will smite the one who does not pay attention to what happens.

Do not go hastily with your sandals!

Be not impetuous at any moment of the ritual!

Do not give your mouth free rein with the holy word!

Do not speak with a louder voice than you would use with your fellow priests!

Put nothing off concerning an oath, because this leads to lying and lying leads to insulting the nTr.

Guard yourselves that you are not arbitrary with the regularly determined services, because the one who does insult to it does not go unpunished!

Do not sing in His temple precinct or in the sanctuary of the nTr!

Do not visit the cities of women!

Do nothing in any place which one would not do there!

Do not permit any celebration within the temple precinct or in the city without having first permitted the temple singers to do their singing!

Open no jar in the sanctuary of the nTr, and watch yourself, not to be drunk in His service!

Do not perform the service according to the intuitions of your own heart; look rather into the ancient writings and into the book “order of the Temple Service” which is in your hands and leave it as a legacy for your children.

Free Educational Program

There is no monetary obligation to join the DbA wnwt – Priesthood of Djeba, only the dedication to education in a reconstructed ancient Egyptian temple. Once registered, you will be designated a wab/wabt – Pure One and begin your education. The educational program is designed for three years, with each year graduating to a higher degree.

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