Address at arrival at the broad Court of Djeba

Wanwt priesthood hieroglyphs


Words spoken by the wab – Pure One:

O prophets, god’s fathers, ritual leaders, god’s purifiers, high-ranking priests, all those Having access who enter to the god, all governors in their monthly service, wr-Priests, ‘ln-the-earth’-priests in the house of the forms, who have access to the Temple in great Purity, in order to prepare the ointment of the first feast, those who purify themselves for Performing the god’s rituals every day, those who purify Themselves at the first day, in order to let the god appear at his time of his navigation feasts!

Do not introduce in trespassing!

Do not enter in a state of grime!

Do not tell lies in his house!

Do not snatch through calumny!

Do not accept any agenda in being partisan against the small for the great!

Do not add to the weight and to the measuring rope, and you shall not detract from them!

Do not change arbitrarily in the grain measure!

Do not hurt the bushel of the eye of ra!

Do not reveal what you have seen in privacy!

Of all secrets of the gods and goddesses!

Do not stretch out your arm for possession in his temple!

Do not take any liberty to steal his possession!

Beware lest a fool says in his heart: One lives by the food of the gods!

One designates as ‘food’ what is coming from the offering altar in circulation, After the god has satisfied himself with it. He sails in heaven; he crosses the celestial vault, while his eyes lie on his possessions at their location.

Do not do anything bad against the servant of his house! He loves his servants very much!

Do not have any sexual intercourse under pressure!

Do not impose any condemnation!

Do not exert any violence against the people in the fields and in the city, because they came out of his eyes, they originated from him!

His heart is very sad about injustice in punishing if there is no witness.  

Do not run with your soles.

Do not be short-tempered in a moment!

Do not give your mouth a free run in a discussion!

Do not react with a loud voice against the voice of somebody else!

Do not impose any oath over something!

Do not prefer the lies against the truth in a complaint!

Beware that you are not big when passing your service times!

There is none who complains against him who is free of being punished for something.  

Do not sing in his house in the inner part of the temple at the location of the women!

Do not do anything at a place where it should not be done, so that there is not a party taking place in his house, but only at the place in front of which it is allowed to sing by the entity of the staff!

Do not open the jar in the inner part of the temple, so that you will not be drunk from it!

Do not do anything according to your heart, but you should look at the old writings!

Pass the directions of the temple in your hands as an instruction for your children!

Temple of Horus at Edfu

Hail to you, Hr – Horus, Great God, Beneficent God, Lord of the Sky, Noble God, Great Sovereign, Who Has Great Strength, He with a perfect face, Great God, Foremost of Letopolis, foremost of two eyes, Pharaoh of the Gods, Lord of the Horizon, Lord of the green, Lord of human beings, Lord of mortals and Gods, Lord of the Two Lands, Lord of food, Great One, son of the Great One, Sole One, Ba-Soul dwelling in His (Pharaoh’s) blood, Divine Falcon, He Who came forth from Hapy, Long-striding, Eastern, He of the Horizon, Great One dwelling in Heliopolis, Dweller in Osiris, Dweller in Sothis, Dweller among the falcons, Dweller in the Great Green, Dweller in the Broad Hall, Dweller in His House, Green, Bright Green, Living, Living of Dawnings.