Wanwt - Priesthood Hieroglyphs

Address at arrival at the broad Court of Djeba


Words spoken by the w’ab – Pure One:

Hail great god, lord of Djeba. I have come before you so that you may bring me to see your perfection. I know you, I know your name, I know the name of these 42 gods who are with you in this broad court of Djeba, who live on the henchmen of evil, and eat of their blood on that day of calculating characters in the presence of Har BaHadatya (Horus of Behdet). See, your name is Great God, Beneficent God, Lord of the Sky, Noble God, Great Sovereign, Who Has Great Strength, He with perfect face, Great God, Foremost of Letopolis, foremost of two eyes, Pharaoh of the Gods, Lord of the Horizon, Lord of the green, Lord of human beings, Lord of mortals and Gods, Lord of the Two Lands, Lord of food, Great One, son of the Great One, Sole One, Ba-Soul dwelling in his (Pharaoh’s) blood, Divine Falcon, He Who came forth from Hapy, Long-striding, Eastern, He of the Horizon, Great One dwelling in Heliopolis, Dweller in Osiris, Dweller in Sothis, Dweller among the falcons, Dweller in the Great Green, Dweller in the Broad Hall, Dweller in His House, Green, Bright Green, Living, Living of Dawnings.

See, I am coming before you, I bring Ma”aat (righteousness) to you, I remove isafat (wrongness) for you.

I do not impoverish the divine herd (people).

I do not crime in place of Ma”aat.

I do not know nothingness.

I do not to isafat (wrongness).

I do not make a daily start in labor over what I already did.

My name does not reach the office of director of servants.

I do not orphan the orphan of his goods.

I do not do the abomination of the gods.

I do not slight a servant to his master.

I do not cause affliction. I do not cause hunger.

I do not cause grief.

I do not murder.

I do not harm the offering cattle.

I do not cause pain for anyone.

I do not reduce the offerings in the temples.

I do not harm the offering-loaves of the Natjarw – gods.

I do not take the festival loaves of the Imakhw – blessed dead.

I do not penetrate the penetrater of a penetrater.

I do not copulate excessively.

I do not reduce the measuring vessel.

I do not reduce the measuring cord.

I do not encroach on the fields.

I do not add to the pan of the scales.

I do not tamper with the plumb of the scales.

I do not take milk from the mouths of infants.

I do not conceal herds from their pastures.

I do not snare birds in the thickets of the gods.

I do not catch fish in their pools.

I do not hold back water in its time.

I do not dam a dam at rapid waters.

I do not put out the fire in its moment.

I do not transgressed the days concerning meat offerings.

I do not turns back cattle from the property of a Natjar

I do not block a Natjar in his processions.

I am pure I am pure, I am pure, I am pure

My purity is the purity of that great Banw – Heron which is in Hananaswt, because I am indeed that nose of the lord of breath who enables all the populace to live on that day of filling the Sound Eye in Iwnw, on month 2 of of the Inundation, last day. I am the one who sees the filling of the Sound Eye in Iwnw.

Nothing evil can befall me in this land, in this broad hall of Djeba because I know the names of the Natjarw who dwell in it.