The Per Ankh – House of Life, the center of knowledge and learning of the ancient Egyptian Temple. The Per Ankh of Per Djeba functions as a repository for research and knowledge for achieving Per Djeba's mission of reconstructing ancient Egyptian culture. The Per Ankh of Per Djeba offers you admission to receive the knowledge of ancient Egypt.

The Per Ankh of Per Djeba offers knowledge in all kinds of media to bring greater understanding of ancient Egyptian culture to you. Specialized sections of free and paid knowledge to cater to your interests in ancient Egyptian culture to bring the wisdom of the Kamati - the ancient Egyptians, to the modern world. Contained within the Per Ankh of Per Djeba is knowledge of language, art, profession, cuisine, religion, science, and all things indicative of a culture. The splendor of Kamat - ancient Egypt is waiting for you. 

Go to the admission to the Per Ankh page to discover individual sections of learning available, and samples of our content. The Per Ankh of Per Djeba offers sections that are both free and paid content. Per Djeba gives discounted admission for those who desire to be Niwtya Djeba - a member of Per Djeba.

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