Beginning of Time ~ End of Eternity – Calendar of Ancient Egypt

Beginning of Time ~ End of Eternity - Calendar of Ancient EgyptThe Beginning of Time and the End of Eternity
In the Presence of Hr Behdety
Found in books in the Per Ankh of Per Djeba
Three houses, one each, Ra – Tomorrow, Asir – Yesterday, Hr – Today

The calendar of Per Djeba is constructed using the latest research possible. Its festival days, good and combative days are found in several archaeological sources, and listed below the calendar. The calendar is calibrated utilizing data compiled by R. Gautschy in his work, Der Stern Sirius in Aegypten, and published in Zeitschrift fur Aegyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde 178, Vol. 2, 2011, 116-131. The Heliacal rising of Sepdet (Sirius) that establishes the opening of the year (Wpet Renpet) is over the ancient Capital of Men nefer (Memphis) as it was traditionally established in the Early Dynastic period, c. 2773 b.c.e. The calendar is one of the most important aspects of ancient Egyptian culture.

The calendar is located at Per Djeba Festival Calendar







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